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If there is an older or more established live sex site than IFriends,  I don’t know of them.  IFriends has been around since the late to mid 1990’s and they have build a solid reputation for being the innovators of the

We have been in the adult entertainment business since 1996, back then there were a lot of adult websites but since it was new, not many stuck around. It was a wild online live sex frontier. The one site that was always a constant was IFriends. They were the innovators of the live sex industry. A lot of porn sites and even mainstream websites knowingly or unknowingly have build there business model based on what IFriends has done.

If you look at our Top 3 Live Sex Cams you will see All Amateur as our number 4 site. The reality is IFriends and All Amateurs are the same company. What we like better from All Amateurs is that it has a little more spicy layout and organized a little better.  As far as the features, they are exactly the same.  These are two outstanding live sex chat sites.

sex cam girls profileCheck out the sex cam girls profile to find out her body type, willingness, ethnicity, age.

Live Girls OnlineIFriends has a high Definition Cam section to check out which girls are on HD live.  This feature allow an enhance live sex experience.

Live Cam SpySpy on thousands of hosts, live in their homes.  You can see everything that they are doing. Watch them as they are preforming live sex shows.  $1.99 per minute.

Award winning live sex shows.IFriend’s category of award winning live chat hosts, lets you browse all the best performers in all the different categories. The sex cam models are rated by the users.  Check them out and rate them yourself.

As you can see, IFriends has  great features, great layout, great talent and the most affordable prices in the adult webcam industry.  We highly recommend them because, they always try to enhance the quality of the user experience.  They always upgrade and they always deliver.

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