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We have made IMLive the Top Rated Sex Cam on the Net.

You might think that all Live Sex Sites are the same and to some extent you would be correct.  What sets IMLiveapart from the other adult cam websites is the ton of features that are on the site.

Let’s look at each feature so that we can prove our point.

1.  There are Thousands of sex cam girls on the site. These sex cams girls are classified in many different categories.  Every girl niche is represented on the site.

2.  Cam 2 Cam feature. This feature allows not only you seeing your sex cam girl, but if you prefer, your sex cam girl can see you. This makes the experience a whole lot more personal.

3.  Celebrity Porn Star Events-  you can see the hottest adult entertainment stars up close and personal all on video live chat. All the biggest names are available.

4.  Mad Video Competition.  This feature allows you to vote on amateur video submitted by hot wanna be freaks and porn stars.  Some of the competitions have been “Nude Aerobics, “Nude News”, “Wild Bikini Babes”…You get the picture.  All the videos are free to members.  You can’t believe what some of these amateurs will do.

5.  Mad Ipod Downloads.  If you like, you can download all kinds of content on your Ipod.  Content such as: Dirty Strip Tease, Fake Orgasm Competition, Hot for teacher.

6.  Group Cams.  This feature allow you to have a live sex chat session with two girls at the same time.  Only do this if you can multi-task.

7.  Live View allows you to browse several chat host at the same time.

8.  Download content to your mobile phone.  Don’t forget, you need your hands free to drive.  It would suck if you got into a car accident because you were watching porn on your cell phone.

9.  Happy Hour Specials.  Just like your favorite local bar,IMLiveoffers discount rates during “Happy Hour”.  It’s kind of fun.

10.  Around the House.  You can watch live sex shows in any room in the chat hosts house. Some people like different rooms.  Who am I to judge?

As you look more through IMLive you will see that what sets them apart from the rest is the many feature that they offer.  It’s more of a real community as opposed to just watching talent. IMLive mixes it up to make it more fun.  That is Why we have voted it #1 Live Sex Cam on the Net.

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